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It’s time for another Bisexual Books giveaway!  Bisexual YA author Corinne Duyvis was generous enough to send us some swag from her US tour and we’re happy to pass it along to you guys!  

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Seriously. You want to be coddled from birth to grave? Talk about feminist entitlement.

How dare someone want their own fucking insurance which they PAY for to cover medication that is essential to most people’s lives? Do you know how many people rely on birth control for its effects on periods, or how it treats ovarian cysts? No obviously not so shut up with your ignorant shit

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A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

Um yes!

I still want to bulk buy these and adonize  batch pink.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can leaving an expired Implanon in cause problems? I have GYN related panic attacks and I can't make myself make the appt to have it removed because I'm due for a pap. But the device expired in January.....oops.
texansforreproductiverights texansforreproductiverights Said:


While the Nexplanon rod may not immediately cause problems once it is expired, you should definitely have it removed.  The rod is still releasing hormones while it is inserted, even if the hormones are not at a high enough level to prevent pregnancy.  If you were to start another form of birth control at this time, you could potentially give yourself a harmful level of hormones by combining the leftover Nexplanon hormones and the full dose of the new birth control.  

Additionally, when something non-natural is inserted into the body, the body tries to get rid of it.  Over the course of time your body will try to expel the rod, and it could move through your body to a place where it is unable to be reached without X-ray and surgery.  Avoid this.  Just get it removed.

If you’re too uncomfortable with the idea of having a pap smear right now (although if you’re due for it you should definitely get it done to protect yourself), you can make an appointment to get just get the Nexplanon removed.  If the provider says, “Well, you’re also due for a pap smear, let’s just get that done while you’re in here,” you can say, “No thank you, I’m not prepared for that just yet.  I’ll make an appointment on my way out to have a pap smear later.”

You have the right to refuse care, even if it sounds like it’s mandatory.  


We need better sex ed because I didn’t know that periods that cause excruciating pain, among other things wasn’t normal. I didn’t learn about the many common problems women could encounter from menstruating from sex ed. I learned it from the internet.

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Because when you really want a baby you go to the doctors to make sure there isn’t something wrong with you . I blame my body for not functioning right . Why do girls that don’t want babies get babies and kill them why ?

Here I am without water and wanting water so badly.
Why do people who are drowning want to get out of water why


Comparing having a baby with drowning in water.


Not realising the analogy is about being overcome by something other people could see as a blessing

"What’s The Scoop? traditionally donates 10% of its proceeds to a new organization every month, as well as 50% of proceeds from specially-themed flavors. But when they debuted their new Planned Parenthood-related ice cream, however, they got linked by a pro-life blog — and slammed with angry, occasionally “threatening” messages, tweets, and voicemails"


"It’s not your body anymore, it’s the fetus’ too."
Actually no. I feel awful for the children whose parents teach them that there are circumstances under which their body is no longer their own. If I ever have a daughter, I will teach her that her body is HERS no matter what and she is absolutely in control of who and what touches/uses it at ANY time.

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A warm, breezy summer day on the South Mall.



There is no need to use a condom during sexual contact if both partners already have HIV.

Myth! There are different strains of HIV. If a condom is not used during sexual contact, HIV-infected partners may exchange different types or strains of HIV. This can lead to re-infection, which…

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support Jada at all costs

jada is incredibly brave and powerful for this! god bless! let’s stand with her

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We’ll miss you, Elaine.



Jane Doe, the anonymous 16-year-old transgender girl who spent two months in an adult correctional facility despite no criminal charge, has been transferred to a “secure facility for delinquent boys.” 

According to DCF officials, while in the psychiatric facility, Doe assaulted a staff member and a fellow youth, and also destroyed DCF property on Saturday night, prompting the final determination of placement at the Juvenile Training School, stating that there is no other “suitable place” for her.

Doe’s lawyer told the AP that DCF has already broken a number of promises regarding his client’s placement, safety, and future prospects. Doe’s attorney claims that DCF officials had assured him that Doe would receive adequate therapy, and that the agency would attempt to place her in a foster home.

Doe is being held in a separate room, away from the boys at JTS.

I don’t have any words for how unjust, inhumane and downright awful this is. #JusticeForJane

justice4jane has posted a list of action items and important people to call to demand Jane’s freedom. The most important stuff:

Call Malloy: 860-566-4840
Call DCF (demand Jane’s immediate release): 860-550-6300
Tweet: @CTDCF and @GovMalloyOffice. Use #JusticeForJane hashtag.

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This is a general self help challenge. Feel free to shift or change things around to fit your abilities.

The key to this challenge is to do the main challenge for that day and also do the ones before (i.e. Day #8 challenge includes all the challenges up to Day #8,excluding Rest Days). This is to build good habits and encourage positive thoughts. Rest days are meant once every week.

  1. Smile to yourself in the mirror and say something kind about yourself

  2. Go to sleep at an appropriate hour that will allow you to get at least 8 hours of sleep

  3. Wake up before 10am

  4. Make yourself a healthy breakfast

  5. Go outside for 20 minutes

  6. Say good morning to someone

  7. [ Rest Day ] Pamper yourself! Make yourself a nice healthy beverage and relax.

  8. Write one positive thing about yourself

  9. Ask someone about their day/week

  10. [ Special ] Make yourself a wellness toolbox. Put inside all the things that make you feel good

  11. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, rock it!

  12. Wake up before 9am

  13. Talk to someone (about anything!)

  14. [ Rest day ] Pamper yourself! Make yourself a nice healthy beverage and relax.

  15. Compliment yourself

  16. Begin a thoughts journal, record your feelings to identify negative thoughts and tackle them into positive ones

  17. Do stretching exercises when you wake up

  18. Say something kind to someone

  19. Clean your room

  20. [ Rest Day ] Pamper yourself! Make yourself a nice healthy beverage and relax. 


Sleep calculator: [ x ]

Breakfast Ideas: [ x x x ]

Healthy Drinks: [ smoothies tea hot chocolate other ]

Wellness Toolbox ideas: [ x x ]

Online Notebook/Writing: [ x x ]

Stretching Exercises: [ x x ]

Woof woof! Corgi hopes this can help you get closer to loving yourself!

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